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En ce moment, nous menons un certain nombre d'activités afin de pouvoir apporter des améliorations.  Nous serons de retour en ligne dès que possible.


How can I return a product?


You can contact Consumer Care  by telephone via +31(0)40 - 400 6190 (option 1).

How can I track my order?
You have received an email from us after you have placed an order. This email contains a tracking link. Use the link to see information about the delivery of your order.
How can I request an invoice from a previous order?
You can contact Consumer Care via +31(0)40 - 400 6190 (option 1).
Can I place an order via Consumer Care?
Yes you can! For this you can contact Consumer Care by phone via +31(0)40 - 400 6190 (option 2) or by email at
For other questions
For questions about your online orders, returns and all other online questions, please call +31(0)40 - 400 6190 (option 1).