Avalon Cordless fetal transducer system

Avalon Cordless Transducer System (CTS)

Cordless fetal transducer system

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The Avalon Cordless Transducer System (CTS) impacts labor and delivery, offering mothers and care teams the flexibility they seek by allowing comfortable, continuous fetal and maternal monitoring with exceptional mobility.

Compact portable unit

Compact portable unit for extra flexibility

Avalon CTS measures fetal movement and heart rate, uterine activity, and maternal ECG, in a compact unit that can be stored on a cart or inside a drawer with Philips monitors.
Advanced communications technology

Advanced communications technology for consistent data transmission

Designed to give great freedom of movement during labor and choice in birthing positions, Avalon CTS provides the information you need right when you need it. Its advanced communications technology provides consistent data transmission to keep caregivers apprised of patient health without tying the patient to a bed.
Smart cordless transducers

Smart cordless transducers are easy to use on the go

The Avalon CTS uses smart cordless transducers. The ergonomically smooth and soft transducers provide added comfort. They are water-resistant so they can be used in the bath or shower. When the transducer is plugged in, the screen layout automatically displays data in the correct format allowing caregivers to focus on the patient, instead of the system.
IntelliSpace Perinatal connectivity

IntelliSpace Perinatal connectivity for continuous care

Avalon CTS connects to the full range of Philips fetal monitors (including the Avalon FM 50, FM40, FM30, and FM20). It is also compatible with IntelliSpace Perinatal, Philips obstetrical information system, which supports the continuum of care from the first antepartum visit through labor, delivery, postpartum, and newborn nursery care.
Cordless connectivity

Cordless connectivity allows more freedom of movement

When connected to a Philips fetal monitor, the Avalon CTS allows mothers to freely move up to 100 meters from the CTS base station while still being continuously monitored by the care team. The CTS also transmits data to the IntelliSpace Perinatal information system to add to the overall patient record.