IntelliSpace Corsium Data management solution

IntelliSpace Corsium

Data management solution

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Philips IntelliSpace Corsium unlocks the real power of the Tempus ALS¹ system by enabling users to quickly share data and collaborate. Corsium is a web-based software platform for near real-time² patient data transfer and two-way communication, designed for the modern EMS. By supporting the rich data capture from the Tempus ALS system, it supports decision making by enabling rich real-time² data transmission and two-way communication between healthcare professionals.

Two-way communication
Quick, efficient review of ECGs and vital signs

Quick, efficient review of ECGs and vital signs

The lntelliSpace Corsium platform supports two-way communication between healthcare professionals. Clinical data -such as ECGs and patient vital signs - is securely shared with a selected support center or hospital. This next level of care can then provide diagnosis, clinical decision support and transport instructions directly back to the Tempus Pro system.
Web-based data viewing
View data the way you want

View data the way you want

Data from multiple Tempus Pro systems can be securely viewed via a web browser by medical medical teams and personnel supporting the care provided on scene, during transport, or when preparing to receive the patient on handover. Both live and historical patient data can be viewed on a range of devices including smartphones, tablets and PCs without the need for additional software or applications.
Reliable data transmission
Data transmission you can trust

Data transmission you can trust

Data is streamed automatically to lntelliSpace Corsium during the initial assessment and transport of the patient. Encrypted data from the Tempus Pro monitor passes over the Internet to the IntelliSpace Corsium via our cloud-based infrastructure. The service is continually monitored and managed for security compliance. lntelliSpace Corsium can receive data from the Tempus Pro system using a wide range of methods such as Wi-Fi, ethernet and cellular networks.
Data collection and sharing capabilities
Automated shared data

Automated shared data

The Tempus ALS system – consisting of Tempus Pro and Tempus LS - collects Summary Record of Care (SRoC) data including vital signs, ECGs, images, event information and scoring/map data. This information is then transmitted to IntelliSpace Corsium, supporting informed clinical decision-making and facilitating the integration of care systems across the healthcare environment.

Technische specificaties

Security and compliance
Security and compliance
  • Must be performed before Tempus Pro and Corsium can exchange data
  • Data exchanged AED 256-bit encrypted using FIPS-compliant technology shared with secure DTLS sockets
Software patching
  • Application and OS-level patching
Antivirus software
  • Enterprise grade
Supported hardware
  • Monitor: Tempus Pro; Defibrillator: Tempus LS
System monitoring
  • 24/7 system health and security monitoring
Software development
  • All elements of Corsium developed in compliance with IEC 62304-2006 AMD1-2015
Web browser access
  • Via secure HTTP
Data security
  • Encrypted customer-specific authentication settings required before connecting Tempus Pro to Corsium
  • Corsium design evaluated against the following cybersecurity standards: ISO 80001-2-2:2012
Overview of key specifications
Overview of key specifications
User account security
  • For access to recorded incident data
Patient de-identification
  • configuration capability
  • Live Device Dashboard, ECG Dashboard, Historic Dashboard, Resuscitation Dashboard
Data sharing
  • Automated sharing³ of patient data from Tempus ALS to Corsium
ECG review
  • with feedback, with patient management instructions
Data transfer
  • Reliable data transmission using the Enhanced Data Service (EDS) protocol⁴
  • ¹ Tempus ALS is a modular system comprised of a Tempus Pro monitor and a Tempus LS defibrillator. Tempus LS is not available for sale in the US.
  • ² Depending on network availability there may be a 2-3 second delay between display of the data on the Tempus Pro and display of the same data on IntelliSpace Corsium.
  • ³ The SRoC data set is fully configurable by the user’s organization.
  • ⁴ UK patent application no. 1817817.8.