Xper Inventory management model

Xper Inventory

Inventory management model

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At Philips, we understand that inventory management is critical to workflow as well as revenue. With Xper Information Management Inventory, you can enjoy the benefits of empowering, intuitive, and efficient inventory management.

Fully integrated

Fully integrated for an efficient way of working

Xper Inventory is fully integrated with charting, billing, and reporting software to reduce redundant data entry.
Import and export

Import and export with just one mouse click

Xper Inventory allows you to import existing inventory through Microsoft Excel* spreadsheets and export to Excel spreadsheets with one mouse click.
Automatic inventory deduction

Automatic inventory deduction keeps you up to date

Deduct inventory automatically when charting a case with Xper Flex Cardio and Xper Flex Cardio Bedside Solution for up to date inventory status/information.
Advanced inventory management

Advanced inventory management with ease

Xper Inventory capabilities are designed to make inventory management fast, easy and accurate. Build kits to bundle procedures and equipment. Use cycle counting for accuracy. Track expiration dates. Select substitute items. Receive and track items into multiple locations. Transfer items between locations, and easily build and review orders..
Code storage

Code storage for comprehensive information

Store reference codes, barcodes, catalog numbers, pricing information, manufacturers, vendors, serial numbers, lot numbers, and more.
Item management

Item management for stronger inventory control

Designate items as consignment, active, under evaluation, implantable, and critical to manage inventory.
Rapid reporting

Rapid reporting helps safeguard inventory quality

Rapidly run built-in inventory reports to display item location, as well as items that are below par and those approaching expiration date to help you meet your quality requirements.
Third-party interface

Third-party interface bridges the gaps

Xper Inventory interfaces to approved third-party inventory systems to account for virtually all items used in your operations.
Electronic patient record

Electronic patient record increases efficiency

You no longer have to search for the information you need. Work more efficiently because data is stored in one electronic patient record.
  • *Microsoft and Excel are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries