Xcelera Information integration software

Xcelera Connect

Information integration software

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Xcelera simplifies and optimizes workflow in cardiovascular care by managing and improving accessibility of multi-modality information. Xcelera Connect integrates information from other hospital systems into the Xcelera workflow.

Single system

Single system helps prevent unnecessary work

Sharing all relevant information via a single system helps prevent unnecessary work and administrative mistakes.
HIS/CIS connection

HIS/CIS connection helps improve efficiency

Xcelera Connect enables Xcelera products to receive and use information form (multiple) HIS/CIS and send results to (multiple) HIS/CIS, EPR, Billing, Inventory and clinical registry solutions.
ECG interface

ECG interface enhances accessibility of information

Xcelera Connect enhances accessibility of clinical information to cardiologists by interfacing between ECG & Haemodynamic systems and the Xcelera product portfolio.

DICOM optimizes information exchange

Xcelera Connect optimizes patient and examination information exchange to and from modalities via DICOM Modality Worklist Management and Modality Performed Procedure Step.