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HeartStart Event Review Pro offers a wide range of reports types, both at the case and institution level to add to a patient’s medical record, submit to national registries, and help refine training curriculum/code response.

Technische specificaties

Software Requirements
Software Requirements
Operating system
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP 3, or Microsoft Windows XP tablet Edition SP3 and Windows 7. Microsoft Windows® Server® 2008 SP1 for a remote server running the shared database.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
Hardware Requirements
Hardware Requirements
Processor speed
  • Minimum: 1 GHZ Recommended: 2 GHZ core duo or higher
  • Minimum: 1024 x 768 Recommended: 1400 x 1050 or higher
Video memory
  • Minimum: 64 MB video memory Recommended: 256 MB video memory
  • Minimum: 1 GB Recommended: 2 GB or higher (Memory requirements are approximate.)
Disk space
  • Minimum: 2 GB of disk space, 300 MB of disk space during software installation, 100 MB of disk space for event storage, Recommended: 5 GB of disk space
Internet connection
  • Required to activate the application software, to use the Email feature, and to receive software updates.
Pointing device
  • Required to navigate throughout the application, for example, a mouse or tablet stylus.
  • *Available only on the HeartStart MRx