Xper Workspace

Xper Workspace


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Xper Information Management Workspace offers flexibility to use our transcription, scheduling, inventory, and data analysis software solutions. It opens a door to the data and images you demand, and transforms them into useful information.

User-centric data access

User-centric data access to fit your way of working

Whether you're a physician, cath lab manager or systems administrator, our user-centric access helps you focus on your areas of responsibility. The intuitive user-centric navigation provides each individual user with a concise, personalized navigation experience. Access the information you need, when you need it.
Robust tools

Robust tools to improve your workflow

Xper Workspace is an empowering tool when combined with Xper Information Management's reporting, scheduling, inventory management, and data analysis software solutions. These robust tools are designed to facilitate increased throughput and accuracy.
Concurrent license model

Concurrent license model for rapid access

Get rapid access to all licensed Xper Information Management modules with our simple concurrent license model.