Ingenuity TF PET/CT system

Ingenuity TF

PET/CT system

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The Philips Ingenuity TF PET/CT Time-of-Flight system leverages multiple technologies, collectively known as xPand⁵, that act together to enhance image quality and support quantification. These join CT advances like iPatient, iDose⁴, and metal artifact reduction for implants (O-MAR).

Technische specificaties

Minimum Room Size
Minimum Room Size
Exam room
  • Length 724 cm
  • Width 381 cm
Control room
  • Length 213 cm
  • Width 381 cm
Scanner Characteristics
Scanner Characteristics
Gantry with table dimensions
  • Height 213 cm
  • Width 225 cm
  • Depth 549 cm
  • 4,201 kg
Key specifications
Key specifications
Timing resolution
  • 540 ps
Sampling rate
  • 25 ps
Sensitivity gain
  • 2 - 5x, depending on patient size
System sensitivity
  • <gt/>19400 cps/MBq (center); <gt/>18800 cps/MBq (10 cm)
  • <gt/>160 kcps @ 5.3 kBq/ml
Time-of-Flight localization accuracy
  • 8.1 cm
  • ¹Buchan, K. (Philips Healthcare), Dharaiya E. (Philips Healthcare), Ardley N. (Monash Health, Australia) “Impact of workflow tools in reducing total exam and user interaction time - 4 phase liver computed tomography exams.” Paper presented at ASMMIRT 2012, Sydney, Australia.
  • ² “Optimal” refers to the use of strategies and techniques that facilitate the management and control of both image quality and dose.